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A warm welcome from us!

It simply didn’t let go of us…

Bärbl and Dieter Brockmann

Do you know that feeling when you see something and it keeps coming back to you? You might take another look, and then another, and eventually, it just sticks with you. That’s how it was for us with the “Wendelstein Apartments.” In spring 2018, we discovered the house, and afterwards, it stayed on our minds. The beautiful location, the tastefully furnished apartments, the Wendelstein region with its almost endless possibilities for relaxation and fun in both summer and winter.  

For the past 5 years, we have been the owners of this beautiful holiday apartment complex and have been able to implement many of our ideas and further develop the property. We are a mix of a little bit of the Ruhr area and a lot of Bavaria. A native of “Essen,” who came to Munich during school days, and a true Munich native, with two equally true Munich-born children. For more than 30 years, we have been traveling to the beautiful Wendelstein and Chiemgau regions. In winter, for skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing, and in summer, for relaxation, hiking, and sailing. We are all the more delighted that we can now contribute to bringing our guests a little closer to this beautiful piece of land.

Although Corona hit us with long closures in the first year after taking over, we continued to implement our plans during and after Corona. New glass shower walls, new kitchens, new TVs, redesigning the outdoor area, or new floors were the main projects. A lot has been accomplished in the last 5 years. We have always welcomed suggestions from our guests to make the house a little more beautiful. Our biggest project started in Nov/Dec 23. Already, 3 bathrooms have been completely redesigned, making them more accessible for guests with physical limitations. We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in our small holiday apartment complex. We have a lot planned, so let yourself be surprised every year anew.

Your Brockmann family and the Wendelstein Apartments Team